Welcome to the Empire of Stone! After more than a century of war, the first Emperor conquered and ruled all five kingdoms. For three decades, arms and armour have been gathering dust, as trade and diplomacy took the place of bloodshed and savagery between the kingdoms. For the past thirty years, under the Emperor's steady hand, we have seen an explosion of culture, technological innovation and magical experimentation. It has been a golden age…

With the Eternal War finally over, mercenary companies have had to reinvent themselves as Explorers and Adventurers, taking up quests and venturing into the wild and untamed wilderness of the Old Kingdom, and returning with gold, tales of adventure, and powerful magical artifacts.

Now the Emperor is dead, leaving a daughter too young to assume power. The thirty-year peace hangs in the balance. Ancient evils are stirring, and vessels from unknown lands have been spotted at sea. It is a time of heroes and horrors, of triumphs and traitors, of high adventure and political intrigue!

  • Will you leave the safety of the cities and explore the ruins of the Old Kingdom, to try your luck against the denizens of the wild lands?
  • Do you dare explore strange new worlds and face awesome adversaries to learn about the ancient history of the continent?
  • Among the cutthroat competition, can you best the other adventurers, defeat your rivals, and earn glory for your guild? 
  • Can you protect the Emperor's Daughter until she comes of age, prevent Civil War and save the Empire?

Meet Swashbucklers, Warlords, Gladiators, Pirate Kings, Assassins, Mages, Necromancers, Angels, Elementals, The True Fae and more in this Fantasy Epic. Answer the call to adventure in… The Empire of Stone!

Daemon Slayers

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