Anna Wandword

The Jarl of Ippus


Anna is a shrewd and capable woman. Immensely practical, the sole personal vice she allows herself is to have her hair braided daily. She wears well-fitted armour around Ippus and has a short-sword within reach in her office.


Anna is absolutely a no-nonsense woman who brooks no insubordination. She’s also a pretty capable Jarl who governs Ippus well, though it’s not a particularly troubled town. She contracts out much of the work in town to Bear’s Fist, an adventuring guild of some reknown.

She first appeared in Chapter 1 – The Guild With No Name, and is on the lookout for a new guild to replace Bear’s Fist at the end of the year.

She is a distant cousin of Harvald’s.

Anna Wandword

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