Brent Darkmantle

A rogue with a dark and mysterious heritage...


Brent is the Rogue of the Daemon Slayers guild.

A man who seems to favour throwing his weapons at the enemy than actually getting close to them.

He’s a master of stealth, and feels most at home in the shadows of the background.

He is well versed in the art of traps, and thoroughly understands all 14 editions of “Traps and how to stop them”

Hold onto your wallets though, as the burglar of the crew, he has been know to be a bit of a pilferer, especially in the homely Crooked Hen of Ippus


Where to begin?

Brent was born on the Eclipse. Not around the eclipse as many would believe, but precisely upon the moment of the eclipse. A rare coincidence.

Brent grew up to be light on his feet, rebellious, but most of all, unseen. the busling Druid village that so many of his relatives dweled in did not seem to be his comfortable home, he preffered to dwell within the darkness the surrounding trees provided.

Guild work was never something Brent assumed his life would lead to. In, (and then very quickly out of), a jail cell was more where he expected his life to lead. However when his cousin Saga of Seasons joined a local guild and needed a Rogue to join their team.

Whilst not out on adventures, Brent enjoys his literature, more specifically “The Story” which is his favourite novel of all times, however does have a vast collection of fictional novels stashed across the town. Though this is hardly surprising considering how often and long Brent visits the local bookshop run by the only person who can never fail to spot Brent, even in the darkest corners of her store.

The other person fairly familiar of Brent in his home town is Seldon, having shown him most of the secret woodland paths, and aiding significantly in his Archery talets. Brent enjoys the silent company of Seldon on long hunts, as it allows him the shared joy of the hunt, but also allows him to further train his ears and eyes to the sounds and sights of the world.

Brent enjoys providing his fellow Guild mates with round upon round of free drinks whilst at their local, however they are never paid for by him. His reputation has gotten so bad the landlord of Crooked Hen keeps a tab for all the locals as to reduce the amount of bar brawls over missing pints.

Whilst retaining a serious demeanour whilst in battle or on adventures, Brent can’t help but fool around in his downtime, with “friendly” robberies, and the occasional shoelace tied together. He also takes great pride in suddenly appearing in the room due to this stealthy nature.

Brent Darkmantle

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