Arcanist on the Arcane Council


Arcanist Duluth is a tall, grey haired man with a wispy beard and spectacles. He is a member of the Arcane Council, and resides in a magical tower near the town of Ippus.


Arcanist Duluth was the first official quest giver to the Daemonslayers and first appeared in Chapter 1 – The Guild With No Name Since then, he has been a recurring character as advisor and patron.

His tower has appeared magically warded and seems to change its architecture almost daily. There is a large construct named Goliath that performs tasks for Arcanist Duluth.

He has a large collection of spells and magical artefacts, which he appears willing to exchange as part quest reward. He has a good relationship with the Daemonslayers, but Kuruk and Harvald in particular. Saga of Seasons does not trust him.


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