Gloria of Nature

Saga's Grandmother, a wise old forest-druid.


Gloria has a shock of white hair, with a single golden streak running through it. She is an old woman with the wrinkles to prove that she smiles a lot. She lives in the Druid Colony where she serves as elder, advisor, midwife and Shaman.

She used to have the healing and nature powers that Saga has, but gave them up when her daughter came of age. When Saga came of age the power came to her.


Gloria was first met when the Daemonslayers visited the Druid Colony that Saga of Seasons had always called home in Chapter 1 – The Guild With No Name.
In fact, it was Gloria who, after listening to the tales of their deeds and exploits, noted that this made them the first Daemonslayers in hundreds of years. They loved the name and adopted it, which made Gloria very happy.
She loves them all, and worries about Saga and Brent Darkmantle, but knows that the young will do what the young will do.

She took in a small tribe of Goblins and encouraged them to learn the values of community and hard work. They took to it with gusto and have split off to try and establish a true and fair Goblin community under the leadership of Deeth. Gloria’s pretty proud of that too.

Gloria of Nature

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