Madam Sal

Diminutive tailor from the town of Ippus


Madam Sal is a halfling, who almost always has rolls of fabric and cloth under both arms, a needle in one hand and thread in her teeth. She wears a large pair of hot-pink glasses and has a tidy apron over a collection of patchwork dresses.

She owns Madam Sal’s, a tailoring shop in the town of Ippus.


Kuruk Bloodeye first met Madam Sal in Chapter 2 – Keys and Claws, where she crafted him a very fine double-breasted tailcoat, and sent to the milliners for a splendid hat. This cost him all of his money, which he thought was a very fair deal.

Kuruk is very fond of her, and given the money he regularly pours into her shop, it’s mutual. She crafted him a blue cloak in Chapter 3 – The Deeprock Mine, made from Tyrant wing, and received a commission for a fine pair of shoes.

Kuruk is still waiting for shoes from her.

Madam Sal

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