A suave orc who knows his way around a blade.


Tordex is a handsome Orc warrior, who wears his hair long and braided, and the newest member of the Daemonslayers. He is proficient with a large variety of weaponry and carries a small armoury around with him at all times. It is likely that he could fully equip the Daemonslayers for a fight with just his inventory.


The Daemonslayers met Tordex in Chapter 1 – The Guild With No Name where he worked under the employ of a band of Orc mercenaries. The Daemonslayers first fought him, and then held him captive until eventually they freed him where he joined their guild.

He has appeared subsequently in every chapter, occasionally accompanying the Daemonslayers on active quests.

He has a friendly rivalry with Kuruk and both of them are competing for the heart of Juliana. This often brings them to blows.


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