Daemon Slayers

Chapter 2 - Keys and Claws

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Chapter 1 - The Guild With No Name

Our story begins in The Crooked Hen, a ramshackle tavern in the town of Ippus. Brent, Saga and Harvald were sat around a table, while the massive frame of Kuruk towered over them. He wasn't allowed to sit at tables any more because the landlord had complained about the carpentry bills. They were discussing the latest news. Rumour had it that the Bear's Fist, the legendary adventuring guild and the Jarl's personal retainers were retiring at the end of the year. This was unheard of. An adventuring guild in their prime, sitting on a once-in-a-lifetime contract were stepping down and giving it all up. This was going to leave an opening. This meant that the Jarl's personal contract was going to be up for grabs, to any guild strong enough to take it. Brent was insistent – they were going to be that guild. Harvald had the paperwork ready to sign. All that was necessary was a guild name and insignia, and how hard could they be to come up with?

Several hours later and Saga had run out of ink to write with. The table was covered with empty tankards and screwed up pieces of parchment. Suddenly a man came into the tavern and strode up to the Quest Board, slamming up a piece of parchment that shone faintly with a coppery ink. In a flash, Harvald was up and running for the board, only to find that the large frame of Juliana, an attractive Orc fighter from Midnight Blade had beaten him to it.



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