The War of Ages

The War of Ages refers to the original invasion of the Brauter. They came in force with hundreds of ships and many thousands of troops in The Exodus. They landed on the shores of Istalia in the year 793 at Firstport, in the province of Metria.

At that time, all of Istalia was divided into around thirty warring kingdoms, with borders drawn mostly along species lines.  This collection of states is now known collectively as The Old Kingdom. When the Brauter arrived, they did so in overwhelming force. Not only were the nation-states wholly unprepared to deal with an invasion of this magnitude, they were deeply suspicious of all the other nation states and reluctant to work together.

This lack of communication and military disunity spelt doom for the Old Kingdom. The province of Metria fell first, and Pigg the Goblin Chieftan sent desperate envoys to all of the other Kingdoms begging for aid. The Giants, trolls and some of the Ogres responded, but were far too few in number and lost engagement after engagement. The races to the far North and West simply refused to believe the threat of the Brauter was as severe as it had been reported, preferring to believe the whole invasion was a fabrication by their southern enemies. By the time the truth was apparent, the war was all but lost.

The Alliance

In 808, 15 years after the war had started, the Old Kingdom's remaining tribal states had formed an alliance. Pigg the Goblin King was the Warchief, and had begun to fight a guerilla war against the Brauter. The issue the Alliance faced was not merely one of overwhelming numbers, but also of supplies. The Brauter weren't putting towns and villages to the sword – they had come to settle. This was less an invasion and more an occupation. They had already conquered three of the five provinces and were making steady inroads into Cheimaros and Galitea. An uneven war was becoming less and less winnable, the longer it went on.


The War of Ages

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