Trapper and hunter from the town of Ippus


Hunter Seldon lives in the town of Ippus, where he makes a modest living selling meat and pelts.
A loner who lives in a small hut outside the town proper, and a real woodsman, he crafts his own bows and fletches his own arrows. Selden hunts his own game, and builds and maintains his own houses.

He can do everything he needs to, to keep himself, and anyone. These are skills taught by his parents and theirs before them.
But magic can do everything he can, and do it quicker. The last 30 years of expansion and progress have left Seldon worried about the knowledge we’re losing as much as the power we’re gaining.


Seldon was first introduced in Chapter 2 – Keys and Claws when Brent Darkmantle purchased his second-best bow, so he could fight from a distance. Brent enjoyed long-range combat so much that he returned to Seldon in Chapter 3 – The Deeprock Mine to commission some special grapnel-arrows.

Seldon constructed a prototype which Brent immediately took.

Brent has yet to return for the grappling hook arrows.


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