The Brauter

The Brauter are a warrior race who came in force to the shores of Istalia around 250 years ago in The Exodus and conquered the native populations.

The Brauter are divided into five great clans, each of which is further divided into a number of minor clans. Each of the five Great Clans claims heritage to one of The Maktmennesker.

Great Clans



The Brauter of the Makt clan are born leaders. They are gifted with clear vision and insight, with minds built for strategy and the charisma to rule. The Makt Clan rules the province of Metria, and the capital of Penger is the site of the Imperial Palace. They claim lineage to Kraft, the Ruler.

The typical Makt is at worst aloof and uncaring, but at best an inspiring leader. They have a reputation for fairness and honour, valuing loyalty highly and rewarding it well. They are criticised for concerning themselves too much with the bigger picture and for remaining impartial in conflicts they have no stake in, preferring to let external altercations run their course, than to step in and take sides. That said, if they are concerned with the outcome, or the conflict is within their own ranks, a Makt will take decisive and commanding action.

Notable Makt Clan Members

  • Catherine Fairborn, the nominal Clan Head, and emperor in waiting.
  • Harken Watchwise, Catherine's uncle and Clan Steward.
  • Anna Deeper, Martial of the Imperial army.
  • Sven Deeper, Jarl of Metria


Members of the Tvinge Clan are quick witted and silver tongued, able to calculate the optimal move in a social situation and make it look effortless. This has garnered them a reputation for being devious and underhanded. Whilst they make a big show of denying this, it is impossible to argue that they seem to posess particular… gifts, which manifest equally well in thieves and courtiers alike. The Tvinge Clan rules the province of Krasos. They claim lineage to Zwingen, the Subtle.

The Tvinge make excellent diplomats and negotiators, and as such, Krasos has the most favourable trade agreements with the other kingdoms. The Tvinge are seen as being manipulative, and more concerned with who they can use and how much they can get, than what they can offer. The typical Tvinge is ultimately self-serving, but most of them realise that no man is an island, and the best way to support themselves is to build strong relationships with others. And not ripping off their friends too hard is the first step…

Notable Tvinge Clan Members

  • Aella Hardheart, Clan Leader.
  • Barren Oiltongue, Tvinge Diplomat to Galitea.


The Forsvar are stalwart and true, no matter what. They are gifted with patience and endurance, which informs their rule. They train their troops in de-escalation and subdual techniques, pursuing a pacifist foreign policy. They will fiercely defend their lands, however, and should not be taken lightly, being amongst the hardiest of all the Brauter Clans. The Forsvar rule the province of Cheimaros, and their capital city of Stor Strom is said to be the most impregnable stronghold ever built. They claim lineage to Verteidigung, the Iron Fist.

They are often slow to make decisions, seldom rushing to snap judgments and preferring to weigh up all options. When they've made up their minds, however, no power on earth can shift them. If they've sworn to defend you, they'll dig in their heels and defend you to the death. A Forsvar's word is their bond, and they would die before they broke it.

Notable Forsvar Clan Members

  • Kettricken Ironbound, Clan Head.
  • Colm Ironbound, Kettricken's son and heir.


The Trolldom Clan are shrewd, wise, and universally well educated. The Trolldom value learning above all, and know the value of having the most information. As such they jealously guard their secrets whilst prying into everything else. The Trolldom Clan rules the province of Galitea. They claim lineage to Zauber, the wise.

They appear shrouded in mystery to most outsiders, who consider them bookish and antisocial. In fact, the Brauter born to the Trolldom line are often excellent storytellers, finding ways to learn from the lessons of the past. They are loyal, if overcautious, and will seek to 


The Brauter

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